“In order to harness the opportunity of digitalization to drive business innovation, organizations must enable their employees to have freer access to more online information than ever."

“However, they must also recognize that this brings challenges to corporate governance and data security. The results from this global survey indicate that the move to empower business users to manage access is clearly ahead of the capability to govern that access and keep sensitive information such as employee and customer data secure.”

“Even those organizations that may be confident that they have the right controls in place should be ready for the very significant changes that trends such as the greater deployment of cloud services, the move to mobile and of course, the Internet of Things, will bring with them. I expect to see a shift towards more automated, integrated and secure commercial solutions for managing and governing access in order to facilitate the kind of rapid and seamless information exchanges that will fuel business innovation on a global scale.”

Geoff Webb

Vice President, Strategy Micro Focus