4 Elements You Need for a Successful Workflow

How to achieve success in a fast moving, mobile enterprise.

Roadmap for Workflow Success

White Paper

Roadmap for Workflow Success

12 pages | Dave Easter, Director of Product Management for SBM

Workflow systems are great for improving your business processes across your enterprise. But achieving the benefits of workflow systems requires targeting processes to automate, having a success strategy, and using a system that meets a clear set of requirements. This white paper describes an approach for successful workflow automation in 4 steps.

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  • The benefits of successful workflow automation
  • Which characteristics or processes you need to target
  • How to avoid common pitfalls in the automation process
  • What the elements are for successful strategy

Start your road to successful workflows by understanding the goals for the initiative.


Efficiency looms largest among workflow's virtues. This starts with the ability to drive a standard, consistent process, and to drive it faster than when operated manually. An automated workflow cuts the time participants spend engaged with the process, ideally reducing their non-value-added activities to zero. This is often seen by eliminating the need for participants to update logs or shared spreadsheets, to alert them when they need to approve or weigh-in on a decision and to provide them with the information needed to do so, to automatically handle all necessary record-keeping for compliance and other purposes, and to intelligently route workflow based on dynamic input.