DevOps and the Mainframe: Improving efficiencies

The solutions and methodologies tackling business challenges are constantly evolving. From waterfall to agile and on to continuous integration and DevOps, successful software development is about achieving the improved efficiencies needed to meet ever-growing business requirements.

DevOps—a blend of Development and Operations—is not a straightforward fit for the mainframe environment. But change is required if enterprises are going to match more agile operations in meeting efficiency targets against a background of increasing application complexity.

As our white paper explains, Micro Focus Mainframe Solutions can help enterprises get more from their current infrastructure by improving efficiencies right across the mainframe application delivery lifecycle.

Our approach is to break mainframe application development down into three example scenarios and apply DevOps style efficiencies to them.

  1. Effective parallel development for multiple teams: Integrating modern distributed source control with mainframe process supports concurrent project delivery
  2. Streamlining mainframe application development: A better IDE and reduced reliance on mainframe resources increases velocity and flexibility of changes
  3. Rapid test environment provisioning and delivery: Continuous integration and parallel project testing with commodity tools removes bottlenecks and improves quality

DevOps for mainframes is about evolving current technologies and practices. Achieve a step change in efficiency and meet current and future business challenges, such as the drive for regulatory compliance, tackling IT Backlog, successful outsourcing and the potential for a future skills shortfall.


An integrated development environment in Eclipse, combining Java and COBOL development. Tasks have been reduced from a day on the mainframe to 23 minutes using Enterprise Developer."

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