Step into the cloud

Organizations with business-critical COBOL applications can now see the Cloud as an opportunity to improve flexibility and scale without adding cost. A chance to focus on the business innovation that drives competitive advantage.

Cloud is for the enterprise, too

COBOL applications are portable and adaptable to new environments. They are a natural fit for virtual and Cloud deployment. For the enterprise, a step into the Cloud improves flexibility. It increases responsiveness to future demand while enabling efficient infrastructure management.

Visual COBOL is the enabler

Any journey to the Cloud is incremental. The first move is often application virtualization. Both simple and pragmatic, it prepares applications for the move to off-site hosted infrastructure service providers, including Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

The right modernization strategy uses smart technology to leverage COBOL application investments without rewriting code. Visual COBOL® is that technology.

It works for everyone

Business leaders concerned about cost, speed to market, or maximizing the benefits of SaaS; developers looking to work with core business applications alongside modern tech—everyone can make the step to virtual or cloud environments.

Check out the resources on the right. Discover how similar COBOL shops have used Visual COBOL and Micro Focus application modernization solutions to take their first steps to the cloud.

Step into the cloud | Watch the video

First Steps into the Cloud | Watch the video


Working with Micro Focus, we were able to reuse our existing COBOL application in our new cloud offering, which saved us both time and money, reducing our time to market from an original plan of twelve months down to less than nine."

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