TechTalk Webinars: Dig Deep into Micro Focus Solutions

File Reporter and Storage Manager: Actionable File Analysis for Your Identity Project

Industry analysts claim that a whopping 80% of a company’s intellectual wealth is tied up in its unstructured data. Find out how NetIQ® and Micro Focus combine their industry leading solutions to bring actionable file analysis to any identity management project.

StarTeam: Take Advantage of StarTeam® Advantage

Meet workflow needs, gain complete versioning and tracking, and achieve high-performance geographically distributed development. Learn how StarTeam Advantage helps you own the Software Development Lifecycle.

PlateSpin® Transformation Manager: Avoid the Mass Migration Stampede

Accelerate your migration projects by accurately predicting costs and timelines. Discover how PlateSpin Transformation Manager enables you to track your progress with real-time visual dashboards and leverage role-based access for streamlining your project.

File and Print: Turbo Charge Your Windows Environment

The productivity of your end users depends on how you maintain your network environment. Whether securing and understanding the billions of files on your file shares, empowering end users through self-service capabilities, or providing mobile access to users, you have to automate and consolidate your tools to improve productivity.

Atlas, StarTeam Agile and Silk Central®: Efficiency and Agility for All

Agile practices have improved development efficiency for many organizations, and now you can gain these same efficiencies in requirements gathering and quality assurance. See for yourself how to streamline requirements gathering and management through development and testing and keep your teams in sync and ahead of the curve.

PlateSpin Protect and PlateSpin Forge®: Taking Disaster Out of Disaster Recovery

Just because an app isn’t tier 1, doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. You manage plenty of applications that aren’t deemed tier 1. They still have RTO and RPO objectives, SLAs for downtime, and you need a test environment for changes. Join us to learn how to meet these challenges with simplicity.

Open Enterprise Server: Delivering Versatile File and Print Services

Open Enterprise Server provides the ultimate scalable, adaptable file and print services. It works in any environment, can be clustered up to 32 nodes, and allows access from any device, in any location. See why thousands of customers are already benefiting Open Enterprise Server.

Silk Mobile Testing: Automated Functional Testing Across Platforms and Devices

Mobile usage has eclipsed desktop use for the first time in history. Customers expect their mobile experience to be the same as their desktop, and a poor experience could send them to the competition. Learn how to apply everything you know about testing desktop apps to testing mobile apps.

Achieving Better SLAs: Integrate ServiceNow With Micro Focus Operations Center

Are you not seeing all the benefits of managing IT services with ServiceNow? Discover how Micro Focus Operations Center integrates with ServiceNow to provide a clearly visible business model with all its tickets integrated together with your other system management events.

ZENworks 2017: Unified Device Management is the New Black

Why use multiple point products to manage the device, applications, networks, and data that your workforce uses? See how the upcoming ZENworks® 2017 unifies users, their applications, the devices they use, and other essential tasks such as security enforcement, application management, tracking, and monitoring assets.

Silk Performer®: Best Practices for Testing Citrix Applications

Businesses often cite high costs, limited time, inadequate skills, and inaccurate results as reasons to bypass performance testing for Citrix applications. Please join us to learn from the experts how Silk® Performer can ensure your applications are adequately tested for success.