The Secret to Problem-Free Deployments

Software deployment shouldn't mean you have to work all weekend.


DevOps Drive-in: Automate Database Deployments in Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Serena® (Now Part of Micro Focus) and Datical

54 min. | Robert Reeves, Datical

To err is human; to automate is divine. (Isn't that how the saying goes?)

Automating your deployment process removes potential for human error and reduces risk—and that means avoiding those late hours spent fixing deployment issues. Datical CTO Robert Reeves demonstrates how to automate your process to support continuous delivery.

Request the webinar to learn:

  • 4 problems with manual deployment that end up making you work over the weekend
  • How to eliminate database configuration errors in your application schema
  • How to synchronize database changes with your application deployment
  • Why you should lower deployment risk by increasing visibility and traceability in your process

Discover how to automate your deployment process to reduce risk and remove potential for human error.

This webinar is part of the DevOps Drive-In series.