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Software Delivery and Testing Improve communication and collaboration between your business, test, and development teams.
Collaboration Bring your people, projects, and processes together in one secure place with collaborative software features, including email, calendaring, instant messaging, and task management.
COBOL Development and Mainframe Modernize your COBOL and PL/I applications using next gen technology and modern service delivery practices, including Agile and DevOps.
Data Center Management Integrate service management, application management, and systems management to gain a holistic view of your IT environment.
Endpoint Management Test and deploy your enterprise applications faster, automate your Windows migration, and manage company and personal devices, all with Endpoint Management products.
File and Networking Services Simplify your network and file management systems and securely print and share files throughout your organization.
Identity and Access Management Leverage identity lifecycle management, risk-based authentication, single sign-on, access governance, and multi-factor authentication to protect sensitive information and meet government mandates.
Security Management Detect and respond to abnormal activity with visibility and control over user activities, security events, and critical systems.
Host Connectivity Modernize the host-access experience for your users with intuitive, productivity-optimized terminal emulators.
Workload Migration and Disaster Recovery Migrate workloads, consolidate servers, and leverage high-performance disaster recovery solutions with Workload Migration and Disaster Recovery products.