Gartner: New report reveals why Adaptive Release Governance is essential to DevOps success


If you can’t deliver reliable, secure apps to your customers as fast as your business requires, it’s time to rethink your release management strategy.

Thanks to the extraordinary speed of DevOps, quality software can now be built in a fraction of the time it used to take. But your products won’t get to market faster if your release management processes are still business-as-usual.

The centralized release management structures designed to support linear, sequential waterfall development simply cannot keep pace with the way software is built today. And if your products have to wait for manual approvals and centralized processes before they can hit the street, your business will struggle to compete.

According to this new Gartner report, Use Adaptive Release Governance to Remove Constraints to DevOps, “By 2023, 90% of organizations will fail to meet required release velocities to deliver full business value to their customers if they use a centralized release management approach in DevOps environments.

Request this report to learn:

  • Why it’s smart to decentralize release governance
  • How a Community of Practice with all the right stakeholders can control risk without hobbling agility
  • How to build a DevOps automation tool chain that takes the risk out of daily releases

Gartner says, “Increasingly, I&O leaders are asking how they can implement adaptive release governance to accomplish their twin goals of enabling customer agility and mitigating risk. This research outlines three steps for building decentralized, collaborative and automated release governance that empowers DevOps teams to deliver customer value faster.

Request this complimentary Gartner report today, and get started on the path to adaptive release governance. (14 min read)

Gartner, Use Adaptive Release Governance to Remove Constraints to DevOps, May 20th, 2019 by Daniel Betts

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