2019 State of Security Operations Update

Trends, Success Factors, and Real-World Examples for Cyber Defense


Micro Focus Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting (SIOC) has assessed the capability and maturity of more than 150 SOCs across 33 countries since 2008. With this privileged access to SOCs around the world, we’ve identified the most pressing SecOps challenges for 2019 and how top-performers are addressing them. Whether you’re just getting started or have years of experience in Security Operations, this report shares valuable insight to improve your SOC’s maturity and success.

This State of Security Operations Update includes:

  • Emerging global trends
  • Common challenges for 2019
  • Success factors of top-performing SOCs
  • Real-world examples of cyber defense
  • Elements of the next-gen SOC

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2019 State of Security Operations Update

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