Visual COBOL product launch webinar

Visual COBOL® is the best choice for organizations managing core business applications written in the COBOL language. Providing a path to modern software delivery platforms, including .NET, the Java Virtual Machine, and the cloud, Visual COBOL helps software development teams meet new business requirements faster.

The latest release offers new capabilities for COBOL teams to adopt agile development and continuous integration (CI) practices. This release also includes new development tools along with support for the latest operating systems platforms and third party software updates.

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  •   New capabilities to support Agile development practices:
    •   A unit testing framework enabling developers to create automated test cases for new application code
    •   Support for popular Continuous Integration platforms such as Microsoft TFS and Jenkins
    •   Customizable coding standard rules from Micro Focus COBOL Analyzer that can be executed with CI builds
    •   1–year subscription to Micro Focus Rhythm, providing Agile teams with out-of-the-box Agile planning and tracking tools
  •   Integration within the 64bit Eclipse Neon and Visual Studio 2017 and many new development features including renaming and parallel compilation
  •   Access to the newly published book, Visual COBOL: A developer’s guide to modern COBOL
  •   Compiler and runtime optimizations delivering over 20% performance improvement against real world customer applications when compared to Net Express® and Server Express™ products
  •   New diagnostics tools including patented reversible debugging aids for Red Hat Intel systems
  •   Support for generating JSON data from COBOL records

Visual COBOL 3.0 is one of the most exciting COBOL releases yet and getting started couldn’t be easier. Complete the form on the right. Begin your journey to faster software delivery using agile planning and tracking tools, continuous integration practices and Visual COBOL.

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Visual COBOL 3.0—New tools for the modern COBOL developer


Visual COBOL 3.0—New tools for the modern COBOL developer

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