Why you should upgrade to Filr Advanced
on-demand webinar


Why you should upgrade to Filr Advanced

60 minutes

View the on-demand webinar, where we will discuss why customers are upgrading to Filr advanced from Filr standard. We will show you the powerful features that Filr Advanced offers you!

Filr Advanced

Here are some highlights:

  • Net Folder sharing
  • Custom branding
  • Data loss prevention
  • Outlook plugin
  • Multifactor authentication, with integration with NetIQ Advanced Authentication
  • Enhanced security, including protection against ransomware
  • Support for zoning
  • File request links

Remember, for OES customers, Filr Standard is part of your solution, this webinar will show you why you should be using Filr Standard and the how and why of upgrading to Filr Advanced.

And all current OES and NOWS customers are eligible for special pricing for Filr Advanced. Contact your Micro Focus rep for more info.