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Research institute Fraunhofer IEE enables seamless collaboration between scientists with GroupWise solutions and delivers GDPR-compliant archiving and rapid disaster recovery to maximize availability


For scientific research projects to succeed, effective communication and collaboration are key. Scientists must be able to easily exchange information and ideas with each other to make progress and break new ground.

As a leading center for renewable energy policy, Fraunhofer IEE recognizes that enabling efficient communication between scientists is crucial and has been using Micro Focus® GroupWise for email for years.

Christian Langer, CIO at Fraunhofer IEE, states: “With Micro Focus GroupWise, we can provide scientists with all the communication tools they need to conduct world-class research. To ensure that we can deliver these essential services around the clock—and even in the event of a hardware outage—we decided to introduce a disaster recovery solution for GroupWise.”

Fraunhofer IEE also wanted to ensure that it met strict data retention and protection policies. To comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the organization needed to introduce a comprehensive email archiving solution.

Georg Weber, Director and Senior Consultant Storage & Security at Login-IT, one of Fraunhofer IEE’s most trusted technology partners, notes: “Fraunhofer IEE’s scientific high-performance computing cluster generates 6,000 emails every single day alone, and many scientists’ mailboxes exceed 50 GB. Over 2,500 emails are sent or received via the central Fraunhofer Institute mail relay using Fraunhofer IEE’s GroupWise system. To manage so many emails and attachments, we needed a robust archiving solution.”


Fraunhofer IEE worked with Login-IT to implement Micro Focus GroupWise Disaster Recovery and Micro Focus Retain™ Unified Archiving for its critical GroupWise environment.

Georg Weber comments: “Researchers expect to be able to access their emails 24/7. Per Fraunhofer IEE’s service-level agreement, the mail system must be available within 15 minutes of a disaster recovery scenario to avoid disruption. This is particularly challenging as different departments often have their own complex rules and workflows in place. If users cannot access their mail it directly impacts research work. With Micro Focus GroupWise Disaster Recovery, we can get the mail system back online very quickly.”

Thanks to hot backups with GroupWise Disaster Recovery, Fraunhofer IEE can keep downtime to a minimum—ensuring scientists have round-the-clock access to their mail. Furthermore, by making use of the single-instance storage feature for attachments, Login-IT significantly reduced the size of users’ mailbox backups, freeing up space and improving enduser application performance.

In the background, Micro Focus Retain Unified Archiving automatically stores email data in one central archive, eliminating the risk of messages getting lost or deleted. All emails and attachments are archived and easily accessible to end-users, even via mobile devices. “Now there’s no need to worry if you accidentally delete an email,” says Christian Langer. “Users can recover deleted messages from the archive themselves without waiting for assistance from the IT team.”

Georg Weber adds: “Despite the complexity of Fraunhofer IEE’s GroupWise environment, which is spread over three sites and three servers, we were able to implement both solutions quickly and easily. We were also very impressed with the level of integration between the applications.”


Reduction in the size of mailboxes and backups


Minutes before rapid recovery of email in the event of disaster


Email availability


With its Micro Focus solutions in place, Fraunhofer IEE can ensure smooth communication and collaboration between scientists at all times.

Christian Langer remarks: “Our researchers work and travel around the world, so they need to be able to get in touch with each other anytime, from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if they are on-site at a wind turbine in northern Germany or sitting in the back of a rickshaw in Shanghai on their way to a conference—efficient communication is paramount.

“With Micro Focus GroupWise Disaster Recovery and Micro Focus Retain Unified Archiving, we can ensure that the email system is available 24/7. Even in the unlikely event of disaster, we can get everything up and running again within 15 minutes, so scientists aren’t left waiting and can get on with their work. And thanks to the storage algorithms, we’ve reduced backup volumes by 75 percent.”

He concludes: “The latest additions to our GroupWise environment have made a real difference in our ability to keep communication services running reliably while ensuring compliance with new privacy regulations.”

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Fraunhofer IEE case study

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