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YBSGG extends investment in COBOL-IT for modernization of Enterprise Mortgage and Savings application.

The Yorkshire Building Society Group (YBSGG) is renewing its contract with COBOL-IT as they continue the digital transformation of their enterprise. COBOL-IT technologies provide elegant solutions that allow YBSG to integrate their legacy application with the most modern and rapidly developing Open Source technologies. COBOL-IT and YBSG will collaborate on enhancing the agility of the YBSG technical teams in a DevOps environment using COBOL-IT Developer Studio and the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite.

Headquartered in West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, the Yorkshire Building Society (YBSG) is among the most trusted providers of financial services in the UK.

The YBSG Enterprise Mortgage and Savings Application consists of approximately 10 million lines of COBOL code and serves 3.5 million on-line Customers as well as 4,500 end-user staff across all YBSG Group Brands. Running in an HP-UX environment, the core elements of the solution include Oracle Forms, Oracle Tuxedo, COBOL-IT, and the Oracle 11g RDBMS.

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Alan Redmonds | Yorkshire Building Society Group |

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