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Enterprise DAST with Fortify

ScanCentral DAST offers a centralized platform that allows you to run hundreds of thousands of scans, enabling development teams to run dynamic scans on their own.


Manage AppSec risk

Monitor trends using dynamic


Shift DAST left

Automate DAST into the CI/CD


Speed and accuracy

Redundant page detection and
broad application scanning coverage.

Comprehensive security testing

WebInspect has the broadest DAST coverage and detects vulnerabilities that might go undetected by traditional black-box security testing technologies.

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Scanning integration ecosystem

Leverage the powerful scanning integrations of Fortify’s application security tools that enable API and single-page application testing at scale.

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Pre-configured policies and reports

Get coverage and easily meet security and compliance standards such as the PCI DSS, DISA STIG, NIST 800-53, ISO 27K, OWASP, and HIPAA.

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Fortify WebInspect provides comprehensive dynamic application security testing of complex web apps and services.

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