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Software University Program


Our programs give students the benefit of corporate-level training at an affordable price, and the opportunity to earn industry recognized certification.

LeanFT Developers Companion

LeanFT is a powerful and lightweight functional testing solution built specifically for continuous integration and continuous testing. This approach enables and encourages developers and QA to collaborate in agile teams by using the same tool for development and testing of applications.

LeanFT accommodates itself as an add-on to the IDE of the developer, thereby reducing the gradient of his learning curve and expediting the entire process.

The Micro Focus Software University LeanFT program is for current and future developers who desire to place themselves comfortably in the continuous integration and continuous testing process to ensure quality outcomes.


Topics covered

  • Create and understand programs in Java / C#
  • Apply your programming skills create Java / .NET applications
  • Create and work with appropriate frameworks for unit testing
  • Showcase your programming along with basic testing skills
  • Describe the differences between Unified Functional Testing and Lean Functional Testing
  • Design and execute LeanFT tests in both Eclipse and Visual Studio
  • Enhance your LeanFT tests with parameters
  • Integrate your LeanFT Tests with Microsoft Excel to data drive your test
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