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Software University Program

Mobile Apps Dev and Testing

Our programs give students the benefit of corporate-level training at an affordable
price, and the opportunity to earn industry recognized certification.

Mobile Apps Development and Testing

Global competition demands innovative apps that meet all customer expectations and provide a consistent experience. Software teams must adapt to the volume and velocity of evolving business requirements. The workplace is no longer limited to the office as businesses operate 24/7 every day of the year. People are constantly on the go, and expect access to their apps at all times. The speed to market, reliability, and security of applications is critical, and it requires skilled developers, testing, and delivery teams.

Students are introduced to automating the functional testing of mobile applications being developed using Micro Focus Mobile Center. This helps minimize the scope of errors and functional issues for mobile application users. Students learn to use various Android components, create Android apps, and work with Android fragments, intent, and filters. This course gives insight into the integration of Micro Focus UFT and Mobile Center, which can be used for building GUI tests.

Topics covered

  • Application Creation for Android devices
  • Android Application Architecture and Components
  • Android Intent and Filters
  • Insight into the capabilities of Micro Focus UFT and Micro Focus
  • Mobile Center
  • Mobile Center for Testing
  • Administration using Mobile Center
  • Mobile Center Integration with UFT
  • And more...
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