Directory and Resource Administrator

Managing Active Directory and Office 365 just got safer

Grant "just enough" administrative privilege to reduce risks.

Granular delegation

Assign just the right privileges. With more than 60 roles, 300 powers, and in-depth customizable delegation, granting just the administrative privilege needed is safe and easy.

Appropriate views

Administrators can only see what they have rights to see. Administrative options and directory objects can be hidden from unauthorized eyes.

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Centralized, secure auditing and reports

All administrative activity is recorded in a tamper-resistant repository with ample flexible reporting perfect for ensuring compliance.

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Flexible automation

Increase productivity and expand time of protection with powerful and repeatable workflow for redundant and complex process requirements.

Case Study

NRG Energy

NRG leveraged NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator, along with the expertise of NetIQ Professional Services, to automate identified tasks and to audit and report on administrative activity.

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NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator

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