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Appendix J: Configuring DLC over 802.2 on Windows NT

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This document provides sample views of DLC over an 802.2 Token-Ring / Ethernet connection for Windows NT.

J.1 Installing DLC for Windows NT

The Rumba and Attachmate EXTRA! products require the Microsoft 32-bit DLC protocol to provide support for an APPC connection over 802.2. There are other possible configuration options using other products acting as gateways to the APPC connection, but this is the most common configuration that will be found in the field at this time.

J.2 Step 1: The Microsoft 32-bit DLC Driver

The DLC driver that was released with Windows NT is the required 32-bit driver. Unlike Windows '95 which requires you to download a specific driver to obtain 32-bit support, the driver that is supplied with Windows NT will work with all of the supported APPC providers products. You will notice that there is no special designation for 32-bit as there is under Windows '95.

J.3 Step 2: Select Network from the Control Panel

Select Start from the Taskbar, then Settings, then Control Panel. Once the Control Panel is displayed, select the Network Icon by double-clicking.

J.4 Step 3: Adding a Protocol

Select the Protocols tab from the Network window and click on the Add button.

J.5 Step 4: Select Network Protocol

Select DLC protocol from the Network Protocol Window and click the OK button.

J.6 Step 5: Specify the Location of the Windows NT Files

Windows NT will require that you have available the original Windows NT CD or diskettes so that additional support drivers can be loaded. Specify the drive and directory location of the Windows NT files (e.g. a:\i386, f:\i386, etc.) and click on the Continue button. The files for the DLC protocol will then be installed.

As you can see below, the 32-bit DLC driver is now present in the Protocol window. You should verify that this is the DLC stack being used if a customer indicates that they have loaded the DLC drivers and they are still having problems.

J.7 Step 6: Finishing up and Restarting Windows NT

After following all of the prompts from Windows NT and loading the additional support drivers from the Windows NT distribution disks, you should be prompted to restart Windows NT. You should allow Windows NT to restart, this allows the new DLC protocol stack that you have installed to become active. ALL ERROR MESSAGES ARE RELEVANT. YOU SHOULD NOT IGNORE ANY ERRORS YOU RECEIVE EITHER IN LOADING THE ADDITIONAL SUPPORT FILES FROM WINDOWS NT OR WHEN RESTARTING THE MACHINE. IF YOU RECEIVE AN ERROR THEN THE STACK IS NOT INSTALLED PROPERLY OR THERE WAS A PROBLEM IN COPYING A FILE. YOU SHOULD TRY REMOVING THE STACK AND REINSTALLING.

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