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Chapter 7: Language Environment (LE) Support

This chapter describes the support that Mainframe Express provides for Language Environment.

7.1 Overview

Language environment (LE) is a set of standard callable routines and run-time options that can be used in any MVS application that is written in a programming language that supports LE. It is intended to facilitate the development of mixed-language applications.

Mainframe Express emulates a subset of LE for COBOL. Details of this subset are contained in the online help information supplied with Mainframe Express; just search for LE in the online help index. For a full description of LE, please refer to the relevant IBM manuals:

7.2 Specifying LE Run-time Options

Mainframe Express supports many LE run-time options. You can specify some options in the IDE (using the Project Settings dialog box) and all options except CBLOPTS in the parameter string in the JCL statement or TSO command that starts the application. The options specified in the parameter string override any conflicting options specified in the IDE.

Options specified in the parameters string are separated from any program arguments by a slash (/) character. For example:

PARMS(program-arguments/run-time options)

If the main program is written in COBOL, you can place the run-time options before the program arguments if you specify the CBLOPTS option in the project Settings dialog box.

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