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Chapter 8: Configuring CICS for Databases

CICS Option provides support for both relational and hierarchical databases. This chapter discusses the support provided.

8.1 Database Managers Supported

CICS Option provides support for the following database managers:

Install the appropriate components of Mainframe Express depending on which database managers you want to use. To include support for these database managers in a Mainframe Express project, select the appropriate options in the Create new project wizard.

The support for relational database managers enables CICS applications to issue database DDL and DML statements in the form of embedded Structured Query Language. SQL requests are structured in a similar way to CICS commands. Using them, you can create, modify and query data tables.

8.2 Using Other Database Managers

The recommended method for using other database managers through CICS Option is to use the exit program DFHUSYNC. A sample exit program is supplied as dfhusync.cbl in the \mfe\mfcics\source folder. Follow these steps to customize the sample exit program:

  1. Add code to be invoked at any or all of the following points:

    • CICS server initialization

    • The start of a CICS task

    • When rollback is required

    • When a prepare is required for a syncpoint

    • When a commit is required

    • CICS server shutdown

    This code should invoke the appropriate actions from the database manager being used. If you want to enable commit and rollback processing, include sqlca in the Working-Storage Section of the dfhusync.cbl module

  2. Run dfhusync.cbl through the appropriate SQL preprocessor.

  3. Compile dfhusync.cbl with the dialect Non-mainframe. Do not use the CICS preprocessor.

  4. If you want all your projects to use the same DFHUSYNC, put the generated code (dfhusync.gnt) in the mfe\mfcics\bin folder, replacing the default version supplied with Mainframe  Express. If this version of DFHUSYNC is to be used only by this project, put it in the project's loadlib folder. CICS Option looks first for dfhusync.gnt in mfe\mfcics\bin, so if you do not want to use the default version, you should rename it.

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