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Chapter 1: Overview

Congratulations on your choice of Mainframe Express, the most productive tool for moving your mainframe development to the PC.

Mainframe Express provides all the tools you need to use your PC to develop, maintain and test applications for deployment on the mainframe. This graphical, intuitive and fully integrated PC-based environment dramatically increases your productivity through leading edge tools for editing, compiling and visually debugging mainframe applications. Mainframe Express also provides powerful tools such as project-management capabilities and IBM mainframe emulation.

Apart from this Getting Started book, all the documentation is online only. You get to it from the Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT Start menu, or from Mainframe Express's Help menu. This Getting Started book is both online and in printed book form.

MERANT was formed by the combination of Micro Focus and INTERSOLV. Products formerly produced by Micro Focus are still referred to as Micro Focus products.

1.1 What's in Mainframe Express?

Let's start with a brief description of the major parts of Mainframe Express. The chapters Start Here for the Tutorials onward are a set of tutorials that take you through all the major parts:

The following optional extensions enable you to develop, maintain and test particular types of application:

1.2 Additional Software

Some non-Micro Focus software, supplied under license on the Mainframe Express CD-ROM or an accompanying CD-ROM, is not installed when you install Mainframe Express - you install it separately.

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