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Chapter 1: Host Compatibility Option

Mainframe Express Host Compatibility Option (HCO) is a set of tools that enable you to offload DB2/MVS and DB2/VM development and testing to a PC using some of IBM's family of DB2 Universal Database products. Host Compatibility Option can also be used with some older IBM relational products such as DB2 Common Server V2.1.

Mainframe Express Host Compatibility Option does this by allowing EBCDIC-enabled programs to work with DB2 UDB. This means that you can use Mainframe Express IMS Option and CICS Options with DB2 UDB while the data is still stored in ANSI format.

In addition, Host Compatibility Option can be used to re-host applications where the target run-time environment can change. Host Compatibility Option gives you the flexibility to use mainframe SQL syntax but replace character front ends with graphical interfaces.

1.1 HCO Tools

Included in Host Compatibility Option are tools to:

1.2 Technical Support

The About window displays the current version of the software. When requesting technical support, always refer to the version number displayed on this window.

Figure 1-1: About Window

Problems should be reported to the company that sold you Host Compatibility Option. They act as the first line of support. If they are unable to resolve your problem, they will work with someone who can, or they will refer you to somebody else.

In the United States and some of Canada, this would most likely be MERANT who maintain technical support centers in:

In the United Kingdom, France and Germany, contact the MERANT office in your country.

For all other countries, you probably purchased your software from a local distributor. Report any problems to them first. If they are unable to help you, contact the nearest MERANT office. The phone numbers for the MERANT offices are listed in the Mainframe Express Readme.

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