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Chapter 18: Configure Requester

Mainframe Express installs the Requester automatically when you select the IMS Option installation.

18.1 Rmtims.ini File

The Requester is configured with a rmtims.ini file. Mainframe Express installs a sample file in your Source folder. You must update the rmtims.ini file and move it to the Config folder. You can create and update this .ini file with any text file editor. The rmtims.ini file contains a variety of settings. Initially, you should only modify the minimum number of settings. Once you have successfully completed your first test you should review the other settings which are described in the chapter Advanced Requester Configuration .

You must change the "CommsProduct" value. This indicates which communications product the Requester should use. The sample rmtims.ini file contains a value of "?". You must replace the question mark with one of the following values:

This is the only change required to the sample .ini file for the built-in products - MSSNA. If you are configuring a Generic entry, you must also change two other settings. These are described in the section Generic Communication Products in the chapter Configuring PC Communications.

The sample rmtims.ini lists a CPI-C Side File name of REMOTEDB which is consistent with previous Remote IMS versions. If you define your CPI-C Side File under a different name, you will also have to change the "CpicSideFile" setting.

We recommend that you do not add the "UseridFile" setting during initial testing. This setting enables you to store your userid and password in a disk file. You will be prompted for a userid and password automatically when running the test program - the same as when running your application programs. Once your tests are complete, see the section Security Handling - Userid and Password in the chapter Advanced Requester Configuration. Also, see the section for your communications product in the chapter Configuring PC Communications for recommendations and product-specific information.

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