Micro Focus Mainframe Express™

IMS Option Technical Guide


Issue 2
June 1999

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The Technical Guide provides background technical information for the IMS Option and the Remote IMS products. The basic features and functions of the IMS Option are described in the Mainframe Express User's Guide, and the online help that is part of Mainframe Express.


The Micro Focus IMS Option product and its accompanying documentation are intended to be used by IMS programmers, administrators and users who want to create and administer projects while developing, maintaining and testing IMS related applications.

Related Publications

You will need to have the appropriate IBM IMS/ESA manuals available to you. Familiarity with the IMS/ESA environment, and a good understanding of the DL/I language, is assumed. The following IMS/ESA manuals provide the reference material in these areas:


Application Programming: Data Communications

Application Programming: DL/I Calls
Application Programming: Design Guide
Application Programming: EXEC DLI Commands
Utilities Utilities Reference - System

For those users who wish to begin learning about DL/I programming, we recommend the following publication:

IMS Programming Techniques - A Guide to using DL/I
by Dan Kapp and Joseph F. Leben
Van Nostrand Reinhold Co.
ISBN: 0-442-80505-5.


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