Language Reference

Table of Contents


Part 1: COBOL Concepts

Chapter 1: Introduction to the COBOL Language
Chapter 2: Concepts of the COBOL Language
Chapter 3: Concepts of a Compilation Group

Part 2: Compilation Group Definition

Chapter 4: Introduction to Compilation Group Definition
Chapter 5: Identification Division
Chapter 6: Environment Division
Chapter 7: Data Division
Chapter 8: Data Division - Data Description
Chapter 9: Data Division - Screen Section
Chapter 10: Procedure Division
Chapter 11: Procedure Division - Intrinsic Functions
Chapter 12: Procedure Division - ACCEPT - DIVIDE
Chapter 13: Procedure Division - ENTER - INVOKE
Chapter 14: Procedure Division - MERGE - OPEN
Chapter 15: Procedure Division - PERFORM - ROLLBACK
Chapter 16: Procedure Division - SEARCH - WRITE
Chapter 17: Object COBOL Language Extensions
Chapter 18: Compiler-directing Statements

Part 3: Appendices

Appendix A: Syntax Summary for COBOL Features
Appendix B: Character Sets and Collating Sequences
Appendix C: File Status
Appendix D: Reserved Words


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