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Chapter 12: Migrating from CICS Option

The equivalent in Mainframe Express of the Micro Focus CICS Option (MCO) add-on for Workbench is called CICS Option. It is an option that adds CICS support to the IDE, and is based on MCO. This chapter describes differences between MCO and CICS Option that might require you to make alterations in existing applications that you are migrating, or to change familiar methods of working.

To use this feature, you need to have installed CICS Option when you ran Setup to install Mainframe Express.

12.1 Overview

The main differences between MCO and the CICS Option in Mainframe Express are:

12.2 Details

This section advises on what to use where an MCO feature is not in Mainframe Express or has changed. Where we believe you can continue using a feature without change, it is not mentioned. This book does not cover enhancements.

12.2.1 Advanced Screens .srn Files

File format for storing forms.

Status in Mainframe Express:

Not included.

To migrate your application:

Convert your .srn file to a .bms file by loading it into MCO Advanced BMS Screens and saving to a BMS file.

12.2.2 Configuration Files

Files dfhtx.cfg and dfhtxdev.cfg, containing configuration details such as paths to particular kinds of file.

Status in Mainframe Express:

Replaced by Workgroup settings. Click the Workgroups tab on the project view to see the Workgroups View of the project. The left-hand pane shows the paths to particular kinds of file. You can edit these paths.

The following shows some MCO configuration options and their equivalent Workgroup settings in Mainframe Express:

TRANPATH Workgroup Load Libraries
MAPPATH Workgroup Load Libraries
FILEPATH Workgroup Data Libraries
DFLTSIT Project setting created via Project Wizard - to change, right-click on CICS System in the CICS View of the project, then click Properties.

The configuration files dfhtx.cfg and dfhtxdev.cfg did not allow you to alter the location of the region files folder. This folder is used to store region-specific data, such as temporary storage files and trace data. There is an equivalent folder in Mainframe Express, but you can alter its location. The folder location defaults to <project>\SYSTEM, in the Workgroup Output Libraries. This folder cannot be shared between projects or users.

12.2.3 dfhtxs and dfhtxp

Commands to start and stop console daemons.

Status in Mainframe Express:

Not included. The console demon auto-starts when a multitasking region is started, and auto-stops when the region is terminated.

12.2.4 Multiple Debug Servers

Facility to debug several transaction programs within the same region at the same time.

Status in Mainframe Express:

Not included. The IDE is limited to one active debug session.

12.2.5 Region Status

Utility to show the status of the active region and start console/region.

Status in Mainframe Express:

Not included. You start options from the CICS submenu of the Tools menu.The current status of the active region is shown by whether options are available or unavailable (grayed out) on this menu.

12.2.6 Remote Clients

Setup script to create remote clients for installation on different computers on the network.

Status in Mainframe Express:

Not included.

12.2.7 Resource Definition Files

Stored definition of a resource your application uses - for example a data file or transaction.

Status in Mainframe Express:

Compatible with MCO 4.0.22, 4.0.25 and 3.2.22. If you try to open a resource definition from an earlier version of MCO, a prompt appears enabling you to upgrade it to the current format.

12.2.8 X/Open Support

Support for X/Open Architecture for databases.

Status in Mainframe Express:

Not included. You cannot create an XA switch module under Mainframe Express.

12.3 Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers questions that may arise in the course of migrating.

12.3.1 How do I define a Model 4 3270 terminal?

The supplied group DFHTERM includes sample terminal definitions. An example of a Model 4 terminal is MOD4, which uses the name NETMOD4.

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