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Chapter 1: Introduction

This book is intended to help you move to Mainframe Express if you have been developing mainframe applications using previous Micro Focus products. It guides you through changes in working methods and changes that you might have to make in applications that you are migrating.

It caters for people who have until now been developing mainframe applications using:

The COBOL Workbench versions covered are V3.4 and V4.0. These are functionally more-or-less equivalent - V3.4 is 16-bit and V4.0 is 32-bit, but this difference is not likely to be relevant for developing mainframe applications, since on your PC you are interested only in the development environment. In this book, we make no distinction between V3.4 and V4.0. We generally use the term "Workbench" to mean both COBOL Workbench V3.4 and V4.0.

Features that you would not have been using for developing mainframe applications because they have no parallel on mainframe COBOL systems are not in general mentioned in this book.

This book does not show enhancements - only changed and removed functionality. Product differences that do not require you to make any changes are not in general mentioned in this book.

This book will be updated from time to time via WebSync as we identify further changes. Please check the Documentation FixPack on WebSync for updates.

You should read your Getting Started before reading this or any other documentation provided with Mainframe Express.

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