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Chapter 33: Overview of IMS Option

This chapter contains an overview of the basic features in the IMS Option component of Mainframe Express. It covers the following topics:

33.1 IMS Option Functionality

IMS Option enables IMS transaction and database development on the PC. You can develop application systems in the PC environment with databases accessed on standalone PCs, network file servers or remote mainframes. Using this PC environment, you can edit, compile and test applications.

33.1.1 What Does IMS Option Provide?

IMS Option provides the following functionality:

33.1.2 What Does IMS Option Do?

The IMS Option provides a fast and responsive environment for application development. Using this development environment you can:

33.2 Related Information

The chapter The IMS Option Interface introduces you to the IMS specific aspects of the Mainframe Express IDE.

For information on how to create an IMS project and develop an IMS application, see the chapter IMS Applications in your Getting Started and the chapter Developing IMS Applications in this guide.

To find out more using the IMS Database Editor, which provides a graphical interface for viewing and editing IMS databases, see the chapter Editing IMS Databases. To use the IMS Database Editor effectively, you need to define segment layouts for segment occurrences. For more information on using the Segment Layout Editor to create segment layouts, see the chapter Defining Segment Layouts for IMS Databases.

As part of the IMS application development cycle, you need to access mainframe databases and mainframe source files. You can use the Micro Focus Remote IMS technology to access IMS/ESA databases. See the chapter Introduction to Remote IMS in your IMS Option Technical Guide for an introduction to the Remote IMS technology.

You can access mainframe source files using the Micro Focus Mainframe Access client/server technology. All the necessary client software is supplied with Mainframe Express. However, you need to buy and install the associated servers. See the chapter Accessing Mainframe Files in your Administrator's Guide for further information.

You can use the database component of the IMS Option with CICS Option to run CICS applications which use the DL/I programming interface. You can install CICS Option during the Mainframe Express installation. For information on CICS Option refer to the CICS specific chapters in this User's Guide.

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