Chapter 5: Fileshare and CCI

A number of components of Mainframe Express use the Micro Focus components Fileshare for handling files over a network and CCI for handling communications. You do not need to change your programs to use Fileshare or CCI in your mainframe applications. However, you need to understand how to set up Fileshare and CCI to enable the relevant components to work correctly.

In Mainframe Express you are not licensed to use Fileshare or CCI in your applications. If you want to write applications using either of these, you must have Micro Focus Net Express (for developing distributed applications). Please contact your Micro Focus sales representative for full details of Net Express.

The components that use Fileshare and/or CCI are:

The documentation for each component explains how Fileshare and CCI are used and helps you with setting them up. However, we also supply the Fileshare User Guide and Configuring CCI for more information.

The Fileshare User Guide explains how Fileshare works and how to configure it. It also explains how to use Fileshare from your own applications. This is not relevant to mainframe applications. (If you want to create PC applications that use Fileshare, please ask your Micro Focus sales representative for details of Net Express.)

CCI can communicate over a number of different protocols. Configuring CCI helps you select the protocol to use and to configure CCI.

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