Appendix A: List of Files

The following system files are installed by Host Compatibility Option into the system software folders:

File Description
MFHCO.EXE Trigger file for HCO batch tools
MFHCOW.EXE Trigger file for HCO GUI tools
MFHCO.LBR Host Compatibility Option GUI Tools library
MFHCOCOM.LBR Common routines used by Host Compatibility Option tools
MFHCOSQL.LBR DB2 ECM pre-processor
MFHCOLIK.LBR Like Processor
MFHCOLIB.LBR Run-time services
MFHCO70.ICN Host Compatibility Option side file for icons
MFHCO25.HLP Host Compatibility Option on-line User's Guide
MFHCO70W.DLL DLL for icons and bitmaps
MFHCO70B.BND Bind file for Host Compatibility Option tools for access to DB2 data.
EXPLAIN.DDL Explain table definitions for DB2 V2.1
EXPLAIN5.DDL Explain table definitions for DB2 Universal Database V5.
EXPLAIN6.DDL Explain table definitions for DB2 Universal Database V6 & V7.
HCOVER ANSI text file that has version information

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