Chapter 16: Requirements

This chapter describes the hardware and software requirements of Remote IMS.

16.1 Requester Hardware Requirements

The Requester does not require any extra hardware over and above that needed by Mainframe Express. When using SNA communications, see the respective communication product's manual for details of its memory requirements, network hardware and any other hardware required to support LU 6.2 communications to APPC/MVS.

16.2 Requester Software Requirements for SNA Communications

The Remote IMS Requester uses the CPI-C APIs to communicate over an LU 6.2 connection. A communications product which supports CPI-C and LU 6.2 is required by the Requester. The Requester does not use any of the native LU 6.2 APIs. See the relevant communication product's manuals for its software, for example, which operating system versions it requires or any other dependencies. The Requester provides built-in support for Microsoft's SNA Server. Support for Generic communications products may enable use of other vendors' products.

16.3 Server Hardware Requirements

The Server program requires approximately 50Kb of memory if you leave the "DL/I packet size" set to its default maximum size. This can be reduced if your applications do not require large DL/I packets. See the chapter Server Configuration for details.

Review your mainframe software manuals for hardware requirements for affected products. Since the Server occupies an IMS/ESA dependent region you need to refer to your IMS/ESA manuals. Also, there is an increased overhead in APPC/MVS for the LU 6.2 sessions and messages so you need to review both your APPC/MVS and VTAM manuals.

16.4 Server Software Requirements

16.4.1 Remote IMS Server

The Server is provided in part as a COBOL source program and in part as object code. You need IBM VS COBOL II Release 4.0 or COBOL for MVS version 1 Release 2 or later when compiling the source program. Please contact your sales representative if you need support for other mainframe COBOL compilers or versions.

The Remote IMS Server requires IMS/ESA Version 4 or later. IMS/ESA needs to be installed with support for APPC and CPI-C driven transactions. You need to review your mainframe software product manuals and consult your mainframe experts for any other software dependencies required by IMS/ESA and CPI-C driven transactions.

16.4.2 TCP/IP Communications

The TCP/IP communications option requires the Mainframe Manager started task. Please refer to the Mainframe Manager product documentation for information on its requirements.

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