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X character position symbol Language Reference8.15
X/Open Architecture Migration Cookbook12.2.8
X/Open extensions Language Reference1.1
X7 status code IMS Option TG13.3
X9 status code IMS Option TG13.3
coexistence Migration Cookbook14.2.6
database CICS Option TG8.1
User's GuideCh39
environment variable Migration CookbookCh4
precompiler and redirector Migration Cookbook14.2.1
server Migration Cookbook14.1
system catalog User's Guide39.4.2
version compatibility Migration Cookbook14.2.2
User's Guide39.11
XDB Database Technology Migration CookbookCh14
XDB link
mainframe access Getting Started27.3.8
XDB Server User's Guide39.3
backward compatibility Migration Cookbook20.2.4 , 21.2.5
security User's Guide39.4.1
starting Getting Started27.3.1 , 27.3.4
User's Guide39.3.2
stopping Getting Started27.3.7
location Migration Cookbook14.2.1
XDFLD statement
DBDGEN IMS Option TG6.2 ,
Xfh-default Migration Cookbook10.2.5 , 10.2.6
Xfh2btr Migration Cookbook7.2
XFHTRACE utility Migration Cookbook10.2.6
Xilerator Migration Cookbook7.2
XOPEN Compiler directive Language Reference12.1
XRST statement
EXEC DLI IMS Option TG10.1

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