Chapter 2: Starting AssetMiner and HotRod

This chapter is a brief tutorial showing how you start AssetMiner and then launch HotRod from within it.

2.1 Overview

To launch HotRod you need a project open in AssetMiner. This chapter uses the demo application Sampleapp, and assumes that you have already created its project, as shown in the chapter Using Revolve in the Revolve Getting Started.

2.2 Starting AssetMiner

To start AssetMiner:

  1. Open AssetMiner from the Windows desktop, by clicking Start > Programs > MERANT Revolve TPS > AssetMiner.

    Some menu items may include version numbers - in this book we omit these numbers.

  2. Click Project > Open.

  3. We will assume that the path to the project is \projects\sample\sample.prj as in the Revolve Getting Started.

    In the Open Project window that appears, navigate to \projects\sample and open sample.prj.

    The Miner menu becomes enabled.

2.3 Launching HotRod

To launch HotRod:

  1. Click Miner > Netron HotRod.

  2. A project has to be shareable to be accessible by HotRod. If this project has not already been made shareable during an earlier tutorial, the Make Project Shareable dialog box appears.

    1. By default it puts the shadow project in folder Shadow, within \projects\sample. We will accept this default. Click Make Project Shareable.

    2. Click Yes on the message asking whether to create the Shadow folder.

  3. HotRod cannot open unless the source has been metered. If this project has not already been metered during an earlier tutorial, the Metering Wizard opens. The demonstration programs are already metered, so you just need to point to the metering control file:

    1. Follow the wizard's instructions. When asked for the metering control file, navigate to the directory \samples\enterprise\meter and select factory.bdb.

    2. Continue with the wizard and click Finish at the end. If a message appears telling you that the cache files need to be built, select the option to build them now.

  4. As you saw when parsing this project during the tutorials in the Revolve Getting Started, this project has some missing copybooks.

    If you did not use the Fix tool in that tutorial to indicate that this problem can be ignored, you now get a warning that some programs have missing copybooks. Click OK to ignore it.

    The HotRod IDE opens.

    Closing HotRod returns you to AssetMiner. If you have not saved your work, HotRod prompts you to do so. Closing AssetMiner while HotRod is open closes both.

2.4 Next...

Please click Help > Help Topics on HotRod's menu bar for an introduction to and full documentation of HotRod. It includes an introductory tutorial.

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