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Chapter 1: Welcome

Welcome to AssetMiner, an advanced application knowledge management environment for identifying, documenting and extracting the business rules within existing enterprise applications, and packaging these into reusable components. Combined with expertise from MERANT consultants, it provides a fast and efficient way of packaging business rules in existing systems into components for use in a variety of component-based architectures.

1.1 Architecture

To understand the architecture of the products within the whole MERANT Revolve Transformation Product Suite, please see the chapter Understanding the Revolve Transformation Product Suite in your Revolve Enterprise Edition Getting Started. This explains which features are contained within which product, and how this affects your use of the different products and options, if at all.

1.2 Overview

AssetMiner is Revolve Enterprise Edition plus an integrated 'rule mining' plug-in. This plug-in is a product called HotRod, which MERANT has licensed from Netron, a MERANT strategic alliance partner. With Netron HotRod you can examine applications to find business rules, identify cloned or duplicate code, and extract code and its associated data. You can package this information in different formats to help you reclaim the existing business assets from your legacy enterprise applications.

1.3 The Documentation

AssetMiner's documentation is in two parts, consisting of that for Revolve Enterprise Edition and that for HotRod. You access the Revolve Enterprise Edition documentation from your Start menu and from AssetMiner's Help menu. All HotRod's documentation is online. You get to it from HotRod's Help menu.

Only this Getting Started book is also supplied in printed form. It has two chapters: this Welcome chapter, and a brief tutorial showing you how to start AssetMiner and HotRod.

You need to read the Revolve Getting Started and the Revolve Enterprise Edition Getting Started before reading this one - they introduce many concepts that this book assumes you are familiar with. The tutorial in this book uses a project you created in a tutorial in the Revolve Getting Started.

1.4 What is HotRod?

AssetMiner is the combination of Revolve Enterprise Edition and HotRod. HotRod is a component of AssetMiner that you access from the Miner menu. You use it to identify, document and extract the business rules within existing enterprise applications, and package them into reusable components.

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