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Appendix A: Send Us Comments

We've introduced a new way for you to send in comments about the help quickly and easily, from right here within the help.

A.1 Introduction

As users of manuals ourselves we know that if, say, you can't find something in the index, or a paragraph is unclear, you often wish you could get a comment straight off to the writers. But by the time you've solved the problem you were working on, and then found how to send a comment, often your enthusiasm for doing so has passed.

As the writers of these books, we want to hear these comments! So we've introduced a new way for you to send in a comment quickly and easily, from right here within the help.

A.2 Instructions

To email us a comment, just click the link below.

Please include in your comment an indication of exactly where in the books the problem is - give the book, chapter, and section name.

We cannot guarantee to answer every comment, but every comment will be read and taken note of for future revisions.

After clicking the link, you can use your browser's Back button to get back to where you were, so you can see it while you're typing your comment.

Click here:

Note: Your comments will go only to the Revolve Documentation Team, and not to other units in MERANT. This feature is intended only for quick comments regarding the books, and does not replace the normal facilities for contacting Support or reporting problems.

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