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Chapter 1: Welcome

Welcome to Revolve Enterprise Edition, the most productive tool for analyzing and maintaining your legacy applications. Revolve Enterprise Edition reduces the cost and complexity of tasks ranging from everyday bug fixes to large-scale system refurbishment, by providing programmers with powerful inventory analysis features and comprehensive source exploration tools.

1.1 Architecture

To understand the architecture of the products within the whole MERANT Revolve Transformation Product Suite, please see the chapter Understanding the Product Architecture in your Revolve Enterprise Edition Getting Started. This explains which features are contained within which product, and how this affects your use of the different products and options, if at all.

1.2 Overview

Revolve Enterprise Edition analyses your legacy application to discover its structure; the files it uses; how and where data items are used; and many other details. It stores the results of this analysis in a database, which you can interrogate through many different tools to produce diagrams, reports, and so on, to help you understand the application.

In addition it contains tools enabling you to manage the maintenance of the application - whether as an individual programmer or as leader of a team - by applying rules you define to recognize, categorize and document items that need to be changed for source updates to be complete and consistent.

Revolve runs on Windows 95 and its successors such as Windows 98, and on Windows NT and Windows 2000. In this book, we simply say "Windows" to mean any of these operating systems.

1.3 The Documentation

All the documentation is online. You get to it from the Windows Start menu, or from Revolve Enterprise Edition's Help menu.

Only Getting Started books are also supplied in printed form. This chapter gives a brief overview of Revolve Enterpise Edition. The rest of this book is a set of tutorials to help you get started quickly.

We assume you're familiar with COBOL, CICS and the Windows operating system you're using, but that you've never seen Revolve or any other MERANT software before.

In this release, we've introduced a new way for you to send us comments about the documentation quickly and easily, from within the online books. To read about it, see the appendix Send Us Comments.

1.4 What's in Revolve Enterprise Edition?

The major parts of Revolve Enterprise Edition are:

1.5 Available Add-ons

Several add-ons for use with Revolve Enterprise Edition are available. They add features for specific purposes:

1.6 Additional Software

Some non-MERANT software is supplied under license with Revolve Enterprise Edition:

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