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Chapter 3: Migration Issues for Revolve Enterprise Edition

This chapter describes the migration issues that affect the way you work when you are using Revolve Enterprise Edition. For further information about metered analysis, see your Revolve Enterprise Edition User's Guide. These issues also affect users of any of the solution-specific options available in the Revolve Transformation Product Suite.

3.1 Metering Control File

The format of metering control files has been changed. Revolve Enterprise Edition automatically imports and converts metering files in the old format, and issues a warning, explaining what is about to happen.

If you plan to use Revolve Enterprise Edition alongside other transformation products from MERANT, you should note that the following products cannot read converted metering control files:

The following products can read converted metering control files, but may require installation of a software update to the metering system:

If you have any of these products and want to continue it using the alongside Revolve Enterprise Edition, please get in touch with your MERANT support representative.

3.2 Composite Tools

You may want to migrate composite tools and their settings into Revolve Enterprise Edition. You have a choice of two methods:

3.3 Worksheets

Worksheets have changed in various ways. The differences that you need to be particularly aware of when you are migrating from a previous transformations product are as follows:

3.3.1 Migrating your Worksheets

To migrate a worksheet, follow this procedure:

  1. If you were using group working in one of the SmartFind products, merge all the individual worksheets into the old group worksheet.

  2. Make a backup of the project's category definition file; this is called project-name.fct if it is specific to one project, or default.fct if it is shared across projects.

  3. (SmartFind customers only) Make a backup of the project's year-type definition file; this is called project-name.fxt if it is specific to one project, or default.fxt if it is shared across projects.

  4. Import the project into Revolve Enterprise Edition. For further information, see the section Importing Projects in the chapter Creating and Managing Projects in your Revolve Enterprise Edition User's Guide.

  5. Open the worksheet in Revolve Enterprise Edition. The Migration Wizard starts. At any time you can click Cancel, in which case the worksheet is not converted.

  6. Follow the instructions in the Migration Wizard. The Wizard offers you options to:

    1. Import the category file (project-name.fct or default.fct)

    2. (SmartFind worksheets only) Import the year-type file project-name.fxt or default.fxt); this becomes the data-type file in Revolve Enterprise Edition.

    3. Import the worksheet information file

    At the end of the conversion process, you have a local worksheet, ready to use in Revolve Enterprise Edition.

  7. Perform any checks that you think necessary to check that the migration was successful.

  8. If the worksheet was a group worksheet in your old product:

    1. Make any updates to the worksheet that you require.

    2. Promote the local worksheet to a group worksheet

    3. Issue new worksheets to the members of the group.

3.3.2 Loading Worksheets

The Load Load from File button on the worksheet has been renamed Restore from file. When you click it, Revolve Enterprise Edition always overwrites the worksheet that you have open, whereas in previous products you could opt to save the open worksheet and switch to a different worksheet. If you want to do this in Revolve Enterprise Edition, you must enable multiple worksheets. See the chapter Using Worksheets in your Revolve Enterprise Edition User's Guide for further information.

3.3.3 Relationships Tab

The relationships tab in the worksheet has been renamed as the results tab. You can have more than one results tab, and they are numbered 1, 2 etc. You obtain the results tab by selecting data items or statements in the worksheet, then right-clicking on a popup menu. More information is available in the chapter Using Worksheets in your Revolve Enterprise Edition User's Guide.

The two relationships "Program, then usage" and "Program, then data item" are not available in Revolve Enterprise Edition. However you can still obtain the same information by sorting the results tab on the Location column.

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