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Chapter 1: Overview

Welcome to EuroSmart, an efficient and accurate tool that analyzes COBOL applications involving monetary transactions and that simplifies euro enablement.

EuroSmart provides a complete environment and range of tools for project inventory, and application analysis. With EuroSmart, you can identify the monetary implications within an application, and go on to assess the impact and manage the process of converting the application to handle euros.

Apart from this Getting Started book, all the documentation is online only. You get to it from the Windows 95 or Windows NT Start menu, or from EuroSmart's Help menu. This Getting Started book is both online and in printed book form. All necessary instructions for installing EuroSmart are displayed by the installation utility, Setup.

Let's start with a brief description of the major parts of EuroSmart. Once you're familiar with these you will be ready to start exploring EuroSmart using the tutorials. The chapters Start Here for the Tutorials onward contain a set of tutorials that together form a tour of EuroSmart.

EuroSmart comprises:

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