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Chapter 1: Overview

Welcome to Micro Focus SmartFind Plus. This product provides a complete environment and range of tools for analyzing COBOL applications and investigating the year 2000 issues.

SmartFind Plus comprises the underlying Revolve software and its database, and a range of integrated year-2000 tools specifically designed for year 2000 verification and remediation. Optionally, Revolve can include extensions for additional languages, such as PL/I.

Apart from this Getting Started book, all the documentation is online only. You get to it from the Windows Start menu, or from SmartFind Plus's Help menu. This Getting Started book is both online and in printed book form. All necessary instructions for installing SmartFind Plus are displayed by the installation utility, Setup.

Let's start with a brief description of the major parts of SmartFind Plus. Once you are familiar with these you will be ready to start using SmartFind Plus. The chapters from Start Here for the Tutorials onward are a set of tutorials that take you through all the major parts of the product, process and software.

SmartFind Plus comprises:

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