21.3 Who Can Access Analytics Dashboard

The following users can view and manage Analytics Dashboard:

  • Access Manager administrators

  • Users who are added in the configuration store of Administration Console.

IMPORTANT:Policy container administrators (delegated administrators and policy view administrators) do not have access to Analytics Dashboard.

To create a user in the configuration store, perform the following:

  1. In Administration Console, click <user name> at the top right of the page and then click Manage Roles & Tasks > Users > Create User.

  2. Specify the details in the mandatory fields.

  3. Context: Specify the organization context.

    1. Click object selector icon. The object selector browser displays the Browse and Search tabs.

    2. Click Browse.

    3. Select novell from the Contents list.

  4. Password: Specify the password and retype the password to confirm it.

    Failure to enter a password will allow the user to login without a password.

    NOTE:This user can access only Analytics Dashboard and does not have the rights to make changes in Administration Console.