27.2 Monitoring Health by Using the Hardware IP Address

You to view the devices and agents managed through the selected hardware IP address. You can monitor all devices hosted by a server, and quickly isolate and correct server issues. The system displays statuses (green, yellow, white, or red) for the Access Manager devices.

  1. Click Auditing > Device Health.

  2. To view information about the health of each installed device, click an IP address.

  3. Select one of the following actions:

    • To return to the Device Health page, click Close.

    • To edit the details of a device, click the server name.

    • To view health details, click the Health icon.

    • To view the alerts, click the alerts link.

    • To view device statistics, click the statistics link.

    • To view or configure audit events for the device, click the Edit Events link.