3.11 Email Server Configuration

In risk-based authentication, you can configure to send emails to users’ registered email IDs when a user logs in from an unknown device for the first time. To enable this functionality, you must configure a default email server.

After configuring the email server, enable sending emails in the Device Fingerprint Rule. Navigate to Policies > Risk-based Policies > Rules and select Send Email Notification in the Device Fingerprint Rule to enable sending emails. For more information, see Configuring a Device Fingerprint Rule.

Perform the following steps to configure email server details:

  1. In Administration Console Dashboard, click Email under Administration Tasks.

  2. Specify the following details:




    Select this option to configure email server details.


    Select SMTP or SMTPS. The recommended option is SMTPS.

    Host Name

    Specify the host name of the email server.

    For example, smtps.example.com


    Specify the port number used by the mail server.

    If you have selected SMPTS, the default value is 587.

    Enable STARTTLS

    Select this option if you have selected SMTP as the protocol and want to upgrade the connection to use SSL/TLS.

    Connection Timeout

    Specify the time in second.

    If the mail server does not respond within this specified time, the connection attempt is closed.

    I/O Timeout

    Specify the time in second.

    If Access Manager does not receive an expected response from the connected email server within this specified time, the connection is closed.

    User Name

    Specify the username of the email sender.


    Specify the password of the sender’s email account.

  3. Click Save.