9.0 Enabling Mobile Access

Access Manager provides the MobileAccess app. This app enables users to access appmarks, connectors, protected applications, and resources through your mobile devices. To enable this app, you need to perform configuration steps in Administration Console and in the MobileAccess app for mobile devices.

IMPORTANT:Access Manager 5.0 does not support the earlier version of the MobileAccess app. This release supports only MobileAccess 2.

MobileAccess includes the following configurable options:

  • Which applications users must be able to access through appmarks

  • Whether users can access an application through a desktop browser or a mobile device, or both

  • What the preferred viewer for the application on the mobile device is

  • Whether users are required to provide a PIN to use the MobileAccess app on their mobile device, and if so, whether they are required to re-enter the PIN after a period of inactivity

Users must install the MobileAccess app on their mobile devices to access the resources protected by Access Manager from those devices. You can also make MobileAccess available to users in a private corporate store. After users install the app and register their devices, they can access the resources by using the assigned authentication methods. MobileAccess uses the OAuth access token to allow access to an application. 

You can deregister users mobile devices through Administration Console on the User Devices page. So, if a registered mobile device is lost or stolen, or an employee leaves the company, you can ensure that unauthorized users cannot access corporate resources. Users can also deregister their own mobile devices, if necessary, from their devices or from the User Portal page.