25.0 Access Manager Licensing

The following three types of licenses are available for Access Manager:

  • Evaluation or Trial License: This is a free license for evaluating Access Manager. This license is available with Access Manager 5.0 and subsequent releases. Uploading a full license or subscription license overwrites this evaluation license. This license is valid for 180 days.

    NOTE:Extension of the Evaluation license is not supported.

  • Permanent or Full License: This is a paid license and without any expiration date. Customers must procure it from Software Licenses and Downloads. The customers who are upgrading to Access Manager 5.0 do not need to apply this license. It will be installed as part of the upgrade process.

  • Subscription License: This license allows users to purchase the product for various time periods, and the users are entitled to use the software during the agreed upon time period. The subscription license includes software license, access to support service, and new versions of the software as they are released. This license is similar to the full license, except that there is an expiration date, whereas full license is a perpetual or permanent license without any expiry period. Customers must procure it from Software Licenses and Downloads.

    NOTE:If you have applied subscription license and later applied the full license, or if you applied a newer subscription license before the older license has reached expiration date, the license details continue to display the older subscription license duration. For more information, see Section 33.16.1, Access Manager Continues to Display the Old License Although a New License is Applied.

NOTE:Secure API Manager licensing is an add-on solution that Micro Focus offers to customers along with the Access Manager product.