2.2 Configuring Identity User Stores

User stores are LDAP directory servers to which end users authenticate. You must specify an initial user store when configuring Identity Server. The procedure for setting up the initial user store, adding a user store, or modifying an existing user store is same.

  1. Click Devices > Identity Servers > Servers > Edit > Local.

  2. Select from the following actions:

    New: To add a user store, click New. See Configuring the User Store.

    Delete: Select the user store, then click Delete. The user store list needs to contain at least one configured user store for Identity Server to be functional.

    Modify: To modify the configuration of an existing user store, click the name of a user store. For configuration information, see Configuring the User Store.

  3. Click OK, then update Identity Server if you have modified the configuration.

See the following sections for specific configuration tasks: