8.1 Prerequisites for Deploying Access Manager on Microsoft Azure

In addition to system requirements of Access Manager components, ensure that you meet the following prerequisites:

  • An administrative account on Azure.

  • A resource group exists in Azure for the administrator.

  • The Access Manager installer (tarball) has been downloaded, extracted, and available for copying to the virtual machines.

  • An SSH key pair.

    This key pair is used for administrative access to the virtual machines over SSH. You can create the key pair by using ssh-keygen or a similar utility.

    For example, ssh-keygen -t <type> -b <keysize>

    Supported types include RSA, DSA, ECDSA, and Ed25519.The default algorithm is RSA. However, the ECDSA algorithm is recommended. When using ECDSA, supported key sizes are 256, 384, and 521.

    By default, the resulting files are named as id_<type> and id_<type>.pub. These files are available in your user accounts’ home folder. For example, /home/devuser/.ssh/

    Remember to check the appropriate permissions on the certificate file by using chmod. For example, chmod 400 <filename>.