2. Using AccuRev® Features : Promoting Elements

Promoting Elements
The Promote command sends versions of one or more elements from a stream or workspace to its parent stream, making those versions available to the parent stream. Promoted versions can also be inherited by all dynamic streams and workspaces below the backing stream. Inheritance by dynamic streams is automatic; inheritance by a workspace occurs when the user updates that workspace.
AccuRev creates a single transaction in the depot to record the promotion, regardless of the number of versions promoted to the parent stream.
Using Promote
The typical use of Promote is to take private versions in your workspace and make them public by sending them to the workspace’s parent (also referred to as its backing stream). You can also use Promote to send versions from one dynamic stream to another. You cannot use Promote to promote to a stream other than a parent.
Effect of Status on Promote
A file’s status affects whether you can promote it:
Promoting AccuRev Elements
To promote an AccuRev element in the Web UI:
Alternative: Right-click a selected file and choose Promote from the context menu.
The Promote dialog box appears:
If you have enabled change package integration, you will be prompted to choose an issue to promote the changes to. See Using AccuWork™ for more information about Change Packages.

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