2. Using AccuRev® Features : Displaying Element Properties

Displaying Element Properties
The Properties command displays a dialog box showing the element's AccuRev properties:
Information displayed by this dialog box includes:
The AccuRev status of the element (for elements displayed in the File Browser only)
Text files are displayed in the Web UI.
Binary files are displayed in the program associated with the file type by your operating system.
mailto Link Buttons
Each of the links is prefaced with a mailto link button (). Clicking this button opens a new e-mail message using your system's default e-mail application. The body of the mail contains this version's AccuRev Web UI URL. Recipients can click the link, log into the Web UI, and view the same contents.
Note: The link to the current element source is permanent: it returns the same information no matter when it is used or what happens to the file later. See URL Permanence for more information.

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