2. The AccuRev Repository

2. The AccuRev Repository
The AccuRev Server program manages a data repository, which provides long-term storage for your organization’s development data -- for example, all versions of all source files. The repository consists of:
A database called accurev, which contains:
A site schema, which contains the user registry, list of depots, list of workspaces, and other repository-wide information.
The site_slice directory, which contains repository-wide AccuWork data, workflow configuration data, server preferences, and triggers
The depots directory, which contains a set of subdirectories, each storing an individual depot. A depot subdirectory stores one or both of:
When it starts, the AccuRev Server program determines the location of the site_slice and depots directories by looking at the settings in configuration file acserver.cnf. This file must reside in the same directory as the Server program (accurev_server) itself. See Server Configuration File for more information.

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