10. AccuRev Triggers

10. AccuRev Triggers
A trigger is a callback built into certain AccuRev commands. When a user enters the command, the corresponding trigger causes a user-defined or built-in procedure to be performed just before (pre-operation) or after (post-operation) the command executes. Typically, a user-defined procedure is implemented as a script in the Perl scripting language. Sample Perl scripts are available in the examples subdirectory of the AccuRev installation directory.
Note: In this chapter, “trigger script” refers to any executable program, written in any language, that is executed when a trigger fires.
AccuRev supports pre-operation triggers, post-operation triggers, and triggers that integrate issue management into AccuRev’s configuration management. The latter category of triggers have pre- and post-operation components.
You set some triggers with the mktrig command; you set others by placing the trigger script at a special location; yet others are set through the Schema Editor in the AccuRev GUI.

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